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story. yields down, back below 2%. 1.9%. people in treasuries nervous about vie press. is bob nervous? the head of fixed income management at vanguard managing more than $700 billion in bond and money markets assets. bob, thank you for taking the time. what has been the overall bond market reaction to what we are seeing between those european nations and cypress? >> caller: sure. in general, it's been fairly muted this morning. the first time, i think, the markets have refocused on an event risk, but that said, if you look at most u.s. financial companies, the large banks and the larger european banks, they are only about five basis points wider in yield versus treasury. of course, the exception is the spanish, the italian banks, which are 30 basis points wider this morning. dagen: bob, do you think that that reaction should be bigger given what we're seeing, or is this an isolated incident, and to answer the bigger question, is this worth it for the european union to force a haircut on bank deposits? >> caller: no, i don't think it's worth it for them in the long run. that is the cor
of these profiles. i know mary and bob are overweight. do i want to keep them? cheryl: there is a third-party company that will keep the records separate. eventually, this is segregation. this is harassing people. this is punishing people. this is not the way to make people healthy. cheryl: they do not have to participate. >> no, but you have to pay. it is a different argument. it is not the way to do it. this is an un- organized way and it is a way to cut corners. now they have to provide health insurance for everybody. congratulations. this is the best you got. cheryl: let's have you come back so we can go through solutions. manny, thank you very much. cheaper to buy than rent. we have the numbers ahead if you are in the housing market. are you looking? think about it. huge tax bills pushing people from states like california. part three of our weeklong series. cue the music. ♪ investor. yeah, i'm a serious investor but i'm a busy guy. it used to be easier but now there are more choices than ever. i want to know exactly what i am investing in. i want to know exactly how much i'm pay
. >> i'm bob. we talked at the stocks store. i did your taxes. >> i thought you were a tax expert? >> today i'm a master plumber. tracy:. >> the judge says there is nothing false or misleading about the ad. good thing it says about turbotax it is true. the implication you can go to h&r block and maybe not get someone who is experienced in tax preparation is true even though the employees are trained there. that said, david gordon of asymmetric says many of more successful ads released during the tax prep season focused on differentiation. showcasing each firm's unique value proposition. as for ads mentioned in the lawsuit he says while h&r block did complain about their aggressive nature, most of the viewers in the ad test for this survey show they barely noticed the difference. back to you. tracy: i haven't either. i used both products. finished tax return. at end of the day you go with who is easy and got nothing to do with the ads but what do i know? diane macedo thank you very much. >> thank you. adam: you're a tax expert. you know a lot. tracy: but i don't think the ads are t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3